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Object # Object name Culture of Origin Maker or Artist Materials Techniques Source
1998-35/21 Yardage, Tablecloth Hawaii, Fiji Cloth, Cotton, Black, Brown Printed Estate of Florence Marie Bauer

4-12703 Headrest Fiji Wood R. H. Beck

4-12582 Cannibal Fork Fiji Wood Carved D. Garner Jones

4-12609 Tooth Fiji Boar D. Garner Jones

4-12588 Water Bottle, Net Bag Fiji D. Garner Jones

9.2E138 Club Fiji Mr. Mark Collarino

4-12444 Spear Fiji Mr. Frank Burnett, Sr.

1995-41/1 Tapa Fiji Bark Cloth, Dark Brown, Black, Ecru Stenciled Ms. Winifred Notske

3529 Vessel Fiji Clay Modeled Young Naturalists Society

4-13302 Club Fiji Dr. John Elmore

91.0/394 Pendant, Whale Tooth Fiji Whale Tooth, Leaf Braided Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)

4-12566 Club Fiji D. Garner Jones

4-12567 Club Fiji Wood, Sennit Bent D. Garner Jones

4-12584 Cup Fiji Coconut D. Garner Jones

4-12612 Game, Stick Fiji Reed, Pole D. Garner Jones

4-12542 Tabua, Necklace Fiji Whale Tooth D. Garner Jones

4-12592 Pestle Fiji D. Garner Jones

4-12591 Mortar Fiji Wood D. Garner Jones

4-13396 Fish Hook Fiji? Dr. John Elmore

4-13299 Club Fiji Dr. John Elmore

4-13309 Fiber Skirt Fiji? Dr. John Elmore

4-13310 Water Bottle Fiji Dr. John Elmore

91.0/393 Pendant, Whale Tooth Fiji Fiber, Coconut, Whale Tooth, Wool Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)

4-12549 Tattoo Needle Fiji Bamboo D. Garner Jones

4-12550 Tattoo Needle Fiji Bamboo D. Garner Jones